Last night was the baby shower for one of my co-workers who is due February 22. She’s a knitter, so I thought that a knitterly gift was in order. I love Jennifer Little’s Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan, but I figured that a newborn wouldn’t wear a cardigan, and when the baby is 3-6 months old it will be summer. Thus, the Baby Sheep Hat was born.

I snapped this photo at the last minute before wrapping it Wednesday night. I’ll definitely post a modeled shot when the baby is born (hopefully it fits!). The sheep pattern shown is repeated on the back, so the sides have sheep facing away from each other. This was my first time doing duplicate stitch, and I found it ridiculously easy. I can’t believe I was actually intimidated by it.

Anyway, the stats:

Pattern: Improvised based on the Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan and using the stitch counts from a top down newborn hat pattern.
Date started: January 31 for the dyeing, February 2 for the knitting
Date completed: February 5, 2008.
Yarn: Small amounts of Knit Picks Bare Superwash DK dyed sky blue, black, and grass green and 1 ball of Swish DK in white (Why I thought white was more sheep-like than the actual bare yarn color I do not know.)
Needles: Knit Picks size 5? 6? Whatever was on hand at the time.

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, I’ve written up the basic little pattern, after getting permission from Jennifer Little to use her chart. Since I was just fudging it without planning to write up a pattern, I did not take very close (read any) measurements, so my gauge numbers in the pattern are a bit squishy. I wrote it for a newborn head, but I imagine if an adult head wanted one, it would just be a matter of inserting one more chart repeat, casting on 96 sts instead of 64, and using whatever yarn weight would yield the appropriate size. Click here for the pattern, or grab it from the button in the sidebar.