Here it is. I actually finished it yesterday, but I had to wait for it to be bright outside to get a good picture. I washed it and laid it flat to dry. Before that it was much tighter and the picots were wanting to roll outward, especially on the bottom. I really like the way it fits–it’s so soft and comfy!

Hand sewing the picots was my least favorite part. I’m not a big fan of hand sewing. They came out nice though. Funny, I actually like the way they look on the wrong side better though. Maybe sometime I’ll try sewing picots by folding them on the outside. It was also challenging around the neckline to sew them in the right place with the raglan seams interrupting, but like I said, they came out well.

The only thing I’m not happy about is how well the yarn shows every flaw. I think the joins show even more after washing, and in some places I can see where the ends are weaved in. Also, there was a weakness in part of the yarn that I stupidly knit through, so now I have to repair that tiny stitch on the back. Note to self: do not knit through yarn flaws, suck it up and join a new end.

The pattern was great and really easy to read (and customize). It went so fast and was so much fun that I will definitely knit more! Maybe the non-picot version next time. Not sure if I will use the shine again. At that price it’s hard to resist though, and it is soft.

Thanks to Grumperina for a great pattern and to all the knitters on the KAL!