So yeah, 4 months since my last post. I guess I predicted fairly well the hiatus that my new job would cause. Posting will be pretty sporadic at best, and reading blogs? Let’s just say I am woefully behind in everything that’s going on in the crafting world and leave it at that. I barely have enough time to actually do any sewing or knitting. But if I think about that too much, it’s a little depressing, so…moving on!

The dress I am forcing myself to blog about fits the overall theme of this post because it is one I started about 2 years ago. I blogged about finishing the muslin version of this Monique Dress in 2011 (see this post–oh my Alice is so little!), and cut out the pieces to make a “real version” with more expensive fabric shortly afterward. However, life got in the way, mainly in the form of finding out that I was pregnant and losing the steam to make a dress that wouldn’t fit me. With nursing all last year, I wasn’t able to wear dress like this either, so the cut pieces sat in the closet, neatly bundled. I thought about them often though, loving the Joel Dewberry fabric, so I recently resurrected this project.


I look quite pleased with myself, don’t I? This time I added about 6 inches of length to the bottom AND added a contrasting hem band. I hope it’s enough after it’s washed. My last Monique dress shrunk so much that I have to wear it with leggings, as modest as I am. You’d think I’d prewash my fabric, but meh. Prewashing takes time I don’t have, and I like the crispness of the factory finish to work with while cutting and sewing.

Here’s a peek at the back and the invisible zipper:

Next time I will use a non-directional fabric for the hem band I think. I ended up with two obvious seams. I could have avoided one by matching the pattern when I joined the strips, but it would have been unavoidable where the band joins together at the back. It doesn’t bug me too much though, and it’s still the perfect dress pattern for quilting cotton.