Pattern: Arbor (my own)
Yarn: 6 balls of Knit Picks Andean Treasure “Moss” (don’t use this)

This cap-sleeved sweater was inspired by my visits to the Portland Arboretum. It is worked from the top down entirely in the round. The lace pattern of the bodice is my modified version of the “Flickering Flame” pattern. The 3×2 cabled ribbing on the waist brings it in for a shapely fit without decreasing. The neckline features an applied I-cord for a sturdy and decorative fit.

Notes about fit: My size is 36″, but I think the sweater laying flat after blocking was only 28″. It has a great deal of negative ease built in to account for the lace pattern and Alpaca’s tendency to stretch. I made it longer than normal in order to wear it with low-rise jeans, however it was 85 degrees at the time these pictures were taken, so the skirt I’m wearing adds a little more bulk around the hips than it normally has. I took a bunch of side view photos, but they turned out blurry. I am happy to report though, that the sleeve holes do not reveal any bra. Also, the neck stays on the shoulders perfectly. I’m just sitting with my arms up like that to show more of the body of the sweater. It’s hard work to photograph a garment for clarity and style!

Notes about the yarn: I washed my sweater in the delicate cycle of the washer (following the directions on the Kookabura bottle) and it bloomed a lot. It is now fuzzy and mohair-looking. It’s up to you whether that’s a good thing or not. Also, Alpaca STRETCHES. My tight sweater ends up much looser by the end of the day. If I knit another one, I think I would like to see how the pattern performs in a wool blend or even cotton.

More notes about the yarn: Okay, I wore the sweater to work on Friday, and I have now learned a valuable lesson about choosing a yarn for its color instead of its fiber content. Don’t get me wrong, Andean Treasure is lovely to work with. It just doesn’t work for this garment. By the end of the day, Arbor was more than just “much looser”. I swear, it had doubled in size. The lovely ribbing at the waist didn’t pull in at all any more. The whole thing was just big and square looking. Even though I’m looking forward to moving on from this project, I’m really tempted to knit another one in a different yarn. For suggestions of appropriate yarns and post-wearing photos, click here.

Download the free pattern (PDF format).