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    About Indigo Ag

    Indigo is leveraging science and technology to help improve the sustainability and profitability of the agriculture industry.


    Harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet

    Since 2013, we have pursued innovative ways for science and technology to drive sustainability and profitability in agriculture. With our mission, we are focused on four key principles:

    • Helping farmers enhance their profitability and soil health
    • Improving the quantity, quality, and traceability of the food available to consumers
    • Protecting the environment by reducing and removing harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, while incentivizing sustainable land stewardship practices
    • Creating long-term value for our shareholders

    Founded on the hypothesis that microbes could protect plants from a changing climate

    Our company was built on the discovery that the microbes in and around plants have the potential to dramatically improve crop resilience in the face of stresses (including drought, heat, cold, and pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and insects) and to offer a sustainable means of improving crop yields in the face of climate change.

    This foundation formed the basis for our mission of harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet and the expansion of product offerings over time.

    What we do

    We have developed an integrated business platform that enables farmers and other ag industry participants to adopt and profit from sustainability opportunities. Our core biological and digital products within this platform – Carbon, biotrinsic®, and Market+™ – integrate across the supply chain to optimize how the world’s essential crops are produced, sourced, and distributed.

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    Planet positive, sustainable agriculture

    Agriculture can be one of the most immediate and scalable solutions to climate change. We are pioneering a new movement we call Planet Positive: solutions that go beyond reducing climate harm by actively reversing damage through scalable carbon removal from the atmosphere.

    Our vision is to unlock the power of agriculture by creating scalable solutions that are designed to both solve pressing problems for farmers and agribusinesses, and at the same time meet the demand from corporations for sustainability solutions. These solutions complement the existing commodity system to make farmers’ operations both more profitable today and more financially and environmentally sustainable over the long-term.


    Backed by rigorous science and technology

    We have invested significantly over the years in research and development across soil, crop, data, geospatial science, and microbiology. With this approach, we have built deep scientific expertise and scalable technology at the core of our integrated business platform.

    A growing community rooted in values

    Our core values and shared mission help us GROW as an organization and as people.