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    Earn a premium for your sustainable crops

    Indigo’s sustainable crop programs offer farmers a premium for using specific practices that conserve resources and reduce on-farm emissions. Available in rice, wheat, soy, corn, and cotton regions today.

    How sustainable crop programs work


    After sharing your contact information, Indigo will send you guidelines for programs in your area when they become available through your local buyer.


    Sign up with your participating local buyer if your current practices match with the requirements—or if you plan to implement new practices.

    STEP 3: SET-UP

    Indigo helps set your enrolled fields up for hands-off data tracking and practice verification—and provides agronomic support as you grow with agreed upon practices.


    After harvest and delivery of your crop, you receive a cash premium.

    3 ways farmers benefit

    Hear from participating farmers & companies


    I'm all about wanting this world to stay sustainable or to keep everything for everybody to have long term. But [for farmers] it all comes down to money when it starts. Anytime somebody can add 35, 40 cents to your pocket, with things like they are, especially with the rise in fuel and fertilizer costs, [it helps]. Indigo brings us programs that help the farmer.

    Trey Bowers | Arkansas Farmer

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    We are doing everything we know how to do the best way we can — the most financially sound way we can. If we have partners on the consumer side, to pay for more environmentally sustainable practices, then it’s a win-win for everybody.

    Jeff Rutledge | Arkansas Rice Farmer


    The opportunity to visit with scientists, and see the desire to improve agriculture as we see it, be able to improve profitability for the farmer, those are great things that Indigo has brought to the market that we want to be a part of.

    Greg Baltz | Arkansas Rice Farmer


    As the first apparel brand to partner with Indigo, we are excited about the positive environmental impacts regenerative cotton production can have not only for The North Face products, but for our industry as a whole.

    Carol Shu | The North Face

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    Frequently asked questions

    Which farming practices are eligible ?

    Qualifying practices vary by the specific needs of each program. Most programs are offered in tiers, allowing for the progressive adoption of sustainable farming practices—and an increase in premiums associated with more complex techniques. Examples of qualifying farming practices include cover crops, minimal or no-till, fertilizer management, and other crop-specific management practices.

    How much can I earn for participating?

    The potential price premium varies by program and by tier, and will be shared before you choose to enroll. Previous programs have seen farmers earn $15 to $30 more an acre.

    What happens to my farm data?

    You will always own your farm data, and it will be protected and aggregated. Indigo helps ensure you earn a premium for your work by using your data to confirm practice implementation and quantify emissions on your enrolled fields.

    Is Indigo the buyer of my crops?

    No. The transaction for the sale of your eligible crops will be solely between you and the buyer. Indigo will not be a purchaser of crops for any sustainability program.

    Can I participate in a carbon or ecosystems benefits monetization program while also participating in Indigo’s sustainable crops program?

    You may participate in multiple programs across your farm, but only one per field in a given crop season. Use of multiple programs should be done carefully, and Indigo is glad to advise on eligibility for Indigo’s programs.

    If I’ve been using some of these farming practices for a while—will I only qualify for a program if I add new practices to my operation?

    This is program-specific. You may be able to qualify for programs based on practices you already use, regardless of when you started using them.

    Looking for a program in your area?

    We are working to broaden the availability of our programs, for both different crops and new regions.

    Carbon by Indigo

    Indigo's other sustainability program is paying farmers for generating carbon credits in 30 states.

    Not available in all areas. Contract required. Terms, conditions, and limitations apply. View the Privacy Policy and Indigo's Data Management and Protection Principles.