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    Unlocking the Biofuels Opportunity: Generating Value from Low-Carbon Feedstock

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    of the April 25th Event

    Biofuel producers can generate significant value from the Inflation Reduction Act’s 45Z Clean Fuel Production tax credits. The time to act is now: Tax credits generated on 2025 biofuels from lower-carbon ag feedstocks will primarily come from corn, soybeans, or other crops grown in the 2024 crop year. 

    Over the past six years, Indigo Ag has developed a full stack of capabilities to efficiently generate carbon assets from row-crop agriculture. Indigo’s software can help biofuel producers and their grain suppliers run 45Z programs for their farmers as well as help them with a pathway to receive other applicable tax credit programs.

    In this webinar, we will explore key topics including:

    • Market & Policy Overview: Understanding current trends and future prospects.

    • Carbon Intensity (CI) Scores: Evaluating their impact on commercial opportunities.

    • Why Immediate Action Matters: Strategies to start operations without delay.

    • Q&A Session: Submit your questions upon registration for our panelists to address.




    Webinar content includes information based on generally applicable, currently available information. Actual results and outcomes may vary. The practices and strategies discussed during the webinar may not be beneficial or the best for your specific operation. All operators should independently consider the potential risks and benefits of adopting any specific practice or strategy, which is solely at each operation’s individual risk. Indigo does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results.

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