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    Our solutions

    Indigo offers an integrated business platform for farmers, agribusinesses, and corporations to help improve the sustainability and profitability of the agriculture industry.

    Growing together

    We apply science and technology to drive profitability and sustainability for farmers and agribusinesses. This approach allows the entire agricultural ecosystem to thrive as it grows.

    Collaboration across the ag industry and beyond

    Indigo works with leading agribusinesses and corporations to meet their sustainability goals.

    Collaborating across agriculture

    We create scalable solutions that are designed to both solve pressing problems for farmers and agribusinesses and at the same time meet the demand from corporations for sustainability solutions.

    Indigo is uniquely positioned to partner with stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem to evolve the industry to be more efficient and beneficial for the planet. Indigo is on the leading edge, fostering technology that improves farm profitability and aligns with growing consumer desire for low-carbon, healthier food and fiber.

    Ron Hovsepian, Indigo CEO & President

    Linking profitability and sustainability

    We work to align sustainability incentives between farmers and buyers, achieve new efficiencies for the industry, and increase the resilience of crop production.

    Indigo products and services may not be available in all areas. Participation is subject to enrollment and program terms and conditions. Indigo does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes.