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    What if you had one application to streamline the work you were already doing to simplify your grain business?

    Market+ digitally connects a wide set of stakeholders across the agricultural supply chain including farmers, cooperatives, buyers, processors, and corporations.

    Buyers are modernizing their daily merchandising activities with Market+

    Market+ streamlines the work you are already doing – helping to mitigate risk, provide actionable insight, and unlock additional margin opportunities. Discover efficiencies that give you resources back to grow your business.

    The grain merchandising industry is rapidly going through a digital transition, and we are deeply invested in ensuring farmers come out on top. As an independent partner, Indigo is uniquely positioned to put the best technology expertise to work for the benefit of the industry. The value and efficiencies that Market+ offers [...] provide a premier resource to help navigate market changes and monetize new opportunities to the fullest.

    Matt Carstens, President and CEO of Landus

    Corporations are addressing their quality & sustainability goals through their existing ag supply chain

    Market+ gives corporations the ability to meet their climate action goals through verified practice changes that have positive environmental impact and profitable outcomes for farmers.

    Anheuser-Busch is proud to partner with Indigo and Arkansas rice farmers to bring this industry leading program to life. Our partnership demonstrates how decommoditizing agriculture can meet consumer demands for climate positive products while also enabling farmers to increase their profitability. We are excited to continue exploring ways to deliver choices to both our growers and consumers.

    Bill Jones, Anheuser-Busch

    Farmers can earn a premium for their sustainably grown crops

    Indigo’s sustainable crop programs offer farmers a premium for using specific practices that conserve resources and reduce on-farm emissions. Available in select rice, wheat, and cotton regions.

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    Learn more about a digital merchandising application for the ag supply chain designed to increase efficiency, optimize assets, and unlock sustainably sourced contracts.

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