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    Catalyze agriculture as a climate change solution

    Support farmers with high quality, registry-issued, agriculture carbon credits generated at scale. By adopting sustainable practices, farmers can reduce and sequester carbon dioxide, while enriching their soil. Your company can directly support the farmers leading the way on this unique climate solution.

    Supported by leading companies
    helping make agriculture a climate solution

    Proven climate impact

    Carbon credits produced through the Carbon by Indigo program meet the highest possible standards for impact measurement. That’s because we worked with the Climate Action Reserve and Verra to help develop the strictest soil methodologies on the market. Indigo is currently the only soil carbon program that meets these standards, ensuring that your climate impact is real and backed by the latest science.

    Catalyzing carbon farming

    Soil can hold billions of tons of carbon, but farmers have never been given a sufficient financial incentive to pursue climate impact. You can change that by helping farmers adopt practices like cover crops and reduced tillage that improve the health of their soil, their bottom line, and the planet.

    How Carbon by Indigo works

    Meet the farmers

    Get to know some of the thousands of farmers who have started using sustainable practices that improve their profitability, backed by the supporting companies that are unlocking agriculture as a nature-based climate solution.


    Hear from supporting companies

    Companies are committing to agriculture

    Across industries from life sciences to finance, and consulting to brewing, companies are making their commitment to the environment and farmers known.

    Maple Leaf Foods

    The World's First Major Carbon Neutral Food Company producing high-quality, sustainable meat and plant-based protein, on a journey to become the most sustainable protein company on earth


    Global management consulting firm investing in scaling agriculture as a nature-based climate solution as part of their strategy to achieve net-zero climate impact and become climate positive by 2030


    A global financial services firm driving innovation in the banking industry, and with a net-zero ambition that is proactively supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy

    New Belgium Brewing Company

    Nationally distributed brewery dedicated to enabling consumers to drink sustainably through their flagship brand Fat Tire, the nation’s first Certified Carbon Neutral beer


    Global commerce company working to spur innovation across the best long-term approaches to climate change through their industry-leading Sustainability Fund

    Charter Next Generation

    Charter Next Generation is North America’s leading independent producer of high-performance, specialty films used in flexible packaging and other end-use markets.

    Blue Bottle Coffee

    Global specialty coffee company advancing industry-leading scalable climate and sustainability solutions such as zero waste and regenerative agriculture

    JPMorgan Chase

    Global financial services firm dedicated to addressing climate change and creating solutions that protect the environment and grow the economy

    Heidrick & Struggles

    Heidrick & Struggles provides integrated talent and human capital solutions to help their clients change the world, one leadership team at a time.®


    ButcherBox is a leading brand of high-quality protein with a mission to build a better food system that is focused on animal welfare, supporting farmers, and treating the planet with respect.

    Ralph Lauren Corporation

    Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in five categories: apparel, footwear & accessories, home, fragrances and hospitality.

    The North Face

    The North Face was built on a love of the outdoors and the desire to enable all types of exploration, from your backyard to the Himalayas. Their sustainability mission is to create the best performing products while leaving an ever-smaller footprint on the planet

    Cool Effect

    Cool Effect is a nonprofit dedicated to reducing carbon emissions around the world by allowing individuals, businesses, organizations, and universities to create a tangible impact on climate change by funding the highest quality carbon reduction projects that are verifiably and measurably reducing global warming emissions


    Technology company harnessing the power of transactions between businesses such as BCG and IBM to fund environmental and social impact initiatives, offering technology-enabled traceable agricultural carbon credits through their platform

    Epiphany Malt

    Epiphany Craft Malt has a mission to provide an integrated regional supply to brewers, distillers, and other sprouted grain ventures.


    Azolla GmbH is a sustainability startup supporting individuals on their way to becoming climate heroes and accelerating the transformation to a net-zero society.

    Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

    Craft brewing company collaborating to pilot the first traceably sourced beer to address climate change through agriculture using Indigo Carbon


    As the first apparel brand to partner with Indigo, we are excited about the positive environmental impacts regenerative cotton production can have not only for The North Face products, but for our industry as a whole. Regenerative products have the ability to shift the industry from simply ‘doing less harm’ to actually replenishing or having a positive impact on nature and resources, and as a brand that is committed to protecting the outdoor places we love to play, we believe this is another critical step in addressing climate change impacts in our supply chain.

    Carol Shu | Senior Manager of Global Sustainability The North Face


    We have had a longstanding attention to environmental stewardship because we know that our collective success depends on it. We’ve been waiting to be able to funnel money towards carbon neutral certification in a way that builds value for our farmers’ businesses. That wasn’t possible until Indigo Ag’s verification standard was approved. It gives us a market mechanism to drive revenue to farmers and helps all of us to succeed.

    Katie Wallace | Director of Social & Environmental Impact at New Belgium Brewing


    Today we lead with the conviction that more sustainably grown coffee is more delicious. We know that through beneficial farming, applying regenerative practices, we can actually improve the health of our soils, reduce atmospheric carbon, and enjoy a more productive, higher- quality crop that’s more profitable for our farmers, great for consumers, and ultimately good for our future on the planet.

    Audrey Waldrop | Sustainability Manager, Blue Bottle Coffee

    Soil is one of nature's most powerful carbon storage solutions. The world needs ambitious companies like Indigo Ag to develop and scale soil-based projects to help stop climate change.

    Stacy Kauk

    BCG is excited to partner with Indigo Ag as they develop promising technologies. The world needs viable, scalable, and high-quality carbon sequestration projects to address the climate crisis.

    Rich Lesser

    There is no one single solution to the big climate crisis. There's many. And in the case of Indigo [...] there's a lot of new methodologies that have been proven, scientifically reviewed, and are now on the forefront of it.

    Jodi Manning

    VP, Director of Marketing & Partnerships

    Our credits meet the highest standards for quality

    Carbon by Indigo meets the rigorous requirements of third-party methodologies approved by the Climate Action Reserve and Verra, two leading global carbon registries, and is built to scale for impact.

    Explore the science

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    Reduce the carbon footprint for your business while enabling positive change for the planet. Support farmers with the first scalable, registry-issued carbon credits for agriculture.

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    All figures are examples based on specific assumptions that may not be applicable to all land. A number of variables can affect outcomes on any particular land. Indigo does not guarantee any results with respect to agronomic outcomes, financial or profitability outcomes, carbon dioxide equivalents sequestered, carbon credits generated or amount or eligibility of payments with respect to any individual landowner or operator. Website for promotional purposes only. Additional terms apply.

    • We're generating registry-issued agricultural carbon credits at scale