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    The future of agriculture has a role for everyone

    At Indigo, we believe creating a more profitable and sustainable future for agriculture requires getting everyone involved. Connect with organizations that are leading this charge.

    Resources to support diversity, equity & inclusion

    Browse organizations that are working to create a more inclusive future for agriculture.

    Meet the Haynie family: Championing equity and education in farming

    PJ Haynie, National Black Growers Council chairman and Indigo Research Partners board member, and his daughter Colette share from their 5th-generation farm on what a sustainable, equitable future for agriculture looks like.
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    Meet the women of Spruell Farms: Four generations farming together

    Sustainability means taking it from one place to the next and it being completely intact or better. Sustainable is being consistent, it's being long standing. Sustainability to us is just a way of life. The opportunity was very exciting to work with Indigo.

    Elizabeth Spruell, Spruell Farms, Mt Hope, AL

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