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    Achieve your sustainability targets with Indigo

    We help you avoid, reduce, and offset emissions to drive positive impact through agriculture.

    A look at our flexible sustainability solutions for businesses​

    Indigo empowers corporations to achieve their climate and sustainability goals through scalable, turnkey solutions, stewarding our shared natural resources for positive impact. With proven quality and aligned incentives for farmers, Indigo unlocks opportunity through reliable verification and quantification with reporting that can be used in your offset and Scope 3 accounting. We offer flexibility to tackle your sustainability targets in the way that works for your organization.

    Within your company’s value chain

    Scope 3 Solutions

    Achieve your Scope 3 targets by influencing your ag supply chain. Our Market+ Source program helps your company make meaningful progress toward climate action goals through scaled implementation of sustainable farming practices within your existing supply chain by:

    • Measuring impact of sustainable agricultural practices with scientific rigor that meets GHGP and SBTi requirements
    • Maintaining your existing surety of supply, achieving targets without supply chain disruption
    • Enabling a connection with farmers, increasing transparency for your company, employees, and consumers
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    Beyond your company’s value chain

    Carbon Credits

    Carbon by Indigo leads the market for regenerative farming, with first-of-their-kind soil carbon credits at scale. Issued by the Climate Action Reserve under their Soil Enrichment Protocol, Indigo’s credits are produced with transparency and the highest scientific rigor. When farmers adopt sustainable practices, they can reduce and sequester carbon dioxide while enriching their soil. Utilizing advanced MRV technology, Indigo works with farmers to measure, monitor, and monetize these practice changes to provide companies with high-quality, verified, registry-issued carbon credits. 

    • All credits follow protocols and verification process by the leading independent standards organization, Climate Action Reserve, meeting the highest possible standards for impact measurement
    • Tied to real, meaningful environmental benefits
    • At least 75% of the value of credits goes to farmers to reward their transition to regenerative practices
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    Sustainability, the Indigo way

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    Sustainability, proven

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    2000 +
    Participating farmers
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    Multi-billion dollar companies served

    Together we can make meaningful change

    Across Carbon and Market+ Source, we have the support of many in our journey of unprecedented progress, and are primed to serve the broader ecosystem.

    We want to make sure we are here for many more generations. We do this by striving to always take care of the land.

    Kasey Bryant Bamberger

    Ohio Farmer
    The opportunity to visit with scientists, and see the desire to improve agriculture as we see it, be able to improve profitability for the farmer, those are great things that Indigo has brought to the market that we want to be a part of.

    Greg Baltz

    Arkansas Rice Farmer
    As the first apparel brand to partner with Indigo, we are excited about the positive environmental impacts regenerative cotton production can have not only for The North Face products, but for our industry as a whole.

    Carol Shu

    We have had a longstanding attention to environmental stewardship because we know that our collective success depends on it. We’ve been waiting to be able to funnel money towards carbon neutral certification in a way that builds value for our farmers’ businesses. That wasn’t possible until Indigo Ag’s verification standard was approved. It gives us a market mechanism to drive revenue to farmers and helps all of us to succeed.

    Katie Wallace

    New Belgium Brewing
    We have transparency with Indigo. Our growers are connected to a platform, where we can transmit data back and forth and deliver insights to them. We’re focused on how we can help the farmer be even better next year.
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    Bill Jones

    We are doing everything we know how to do the best way we can — the most financially sound way we can. If we have partners on the consumer side, to pay for more environmentally sustainable practices, then it’s a win-win for everybody.

    Jeff Rutledge

    Arkansas Rice Farmer

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    Reduce the carbon footprint for your business while enabling positive change for farmers and the planet.

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