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    No additional equipment is needed to apply – biotrinsic® biological products come in both powder and liquid formulations and start working from the moment you plant the seed. The products can be applied with other treatments or at the time of planting and can be used with any planter.

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    Using the Indigo seed treatments, we hit our first 100/bu soybeans an acre milestone. It was about a 20/bu acre increase over our other acres. Hitting this milestone is a big deal here and something I’ve never been able to do.

    Hollis Mankin

    Southeast AR
    I was averaging 60 bushels per acre where I’m normally at 40-43. The difference is so drastic between Indigo and non-Indigo wheat that the hands running the combine called me to tell me that they thought something was wrong with the meters on the fields.

    Jason Streit

    Vernon, TX
    We tested Indigo's biological treatment on 300 acres of wheat to start. It was a night and day difference. 10 bushels an acre more than our untreated fields. It even bumped up our variety's protein content, which ended up netting us a 37 cent premium. Next year, guess what we did? Put that seed treatment on all our wheat, and row crop acres too.

    Jon Johnson

    Kansas Farm and Ranch Management

    Beneficial microbes differentiate biotrinsic® seed treatments

    Harnessing nature's beneficial microbes, biotrinsic® products are proven to help protect your crop and increase yield. Find out what makes these solutions unique.

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    Except for the Grower Satisfaction Guarantee as expressly described, Indigo does not make any guarantees with respect to any outcomes of any Indigo product or service. Guarantee is limited to substitution of an alternative Indigo product and does not include any refund rights. A wide range of variables affect product performance, your results may vary. Additional terms, conditions and limitations may apply. Product may not be available in all areas.